Speak Like Natives! -Vol.5 Winter Shopping

Learn Japanese from natives!  

For those of you who are tired of studying Japanese from your minna no nihongo, and willing to speak more natural Japanese like natives, you clicked on the right page! 🙂

We post natives’ casual conversation skits for you to show how Japanese people talk in real life.There are useful key phrases you can try just from tomorrow. Enjoy!

Vol. 5 Winter Shopping


Winter is approaching, and It’s getting colder everyday. 
Aya is at the store window-shopping for some warm clothes.

Is she going to find something with a good deal!?


Ten-in Clerk


Nani ka osagashi desuka?

Are you looking for something?


Etto…Samuku natte kita node, ko-to(coat) wo sagashite imasu.

Um..it’s getting cold, so I am looking for a new coat.

Ten in
Ten in Clerk


Sorenara, kyo ha kochira no fuyumono no ko-to(coat) ga 50 pa-sento ofu (50% off) de okaidoku nandesuyo!

Staff: Oh, then, here we have this selection of winter coats for 50% off today, it’s a good deal!


Hontouni? Ja, kore, kite mite mo iidesuka?

Oh really? Can I try this on?

Ten in
Ten in Clerk


Waa, totemo yoku niaimasune. Kyo no suka-to (skirt) tomo yoku aimasune. Jouhin na inshou ni narimasu!

Wow, it looks great on you! It matches with your skirt today.  It gives very classy vibes to your style!


Ee…Odate jouzu desune! Demo, sorenara kore kaoukana.

Oh, You flatter me! but…yea, I guess I am getting this.

Ten in
Ten in Clerk

ありがとうございます♡ お会計(かいけい)は、こちら、10%オフなので…。

Arigato gozaimasu. Okaikei ha, kochira,  Jyu pa-sento ofu (10% off) nanode…

Thank you very much. It will be 10% off of…


Eh..Chotto matte, gojyu ppa-sento ofu (50%off) janaino?

Oh wait a second, wasn’t it 50% off?

Ten in
Ten in Clerk


Iie, Jyu ppa-sento ofu 10% desune…

No…I said 10% off.

The voice inside Aya:

口を抑えてショックを受けている女性のイラスト | かわいいフリー素材集 いらすとや

(kikimachigae ta mitai…)
(I must have misheard…)


Eeto, yappari mousukoshi kangaemasu!!!

Well, I’m going to think about it little more.

Key Phrases

  1. 何かお探しですか?Nani ka osagashi desuka?
    – Are you looking for something?

It is a very typical phrase for sales staff to ask you if you need any help.
If you are just looking, you can answer :
(miteirudake desu – just looking)

  1. 〇〇%オフ 〇〇pa-sento ofu – XX% off

It’s used to describe the deal when products are on sale.
In a different way, you can also say 「5割引」(go wari biki – 50% off) 

  1. お買い得 Okaidoku – good deal

It’s a word to say when something is a bargain, or on a very good sale like an example in conversation above.(Although there was a misunderstanding…)

  1. これ、着てみてもいいですか?  Kore, kitemitemo iidesuka?
    – Can I try this on?

You can also say 「これを試着(しちゃく)できますか?」(kore wo shichaku dekimasuka?) It means the same but it is a little more formal way to ask.

  1. とてもよく似合いますね Totemo yoku niaimasune
    – It looks great on you.

“似合う(Niau)” means that things go well together, or get along well.

In the conversation,
sales staff are saying the coat suits Aya and looks nice on her.
It is a very useful phrase to give someone a compliment about their outfit or belongings!

ex.) 新しいネックレス、とても似合ってるね!

Atarashii nekkuresu (necklace) totemo niatterune!
Your new necklace looks very nice on you! 

  1. おだて上手ですね Odate jozu desune
    – You flatter me!

You can also say
(Oseji ga jozu desune)

Sales staff tend to flatter you and give so much compliments, and you end up buying things…

  1. 聞き間違えた kikimachigaeta
    – misheard

In the conversation above,
Aya misheard “JYU(10)ppa-sento(%)”, as “GOJYU(50)ppa-sento(%)”.
There is a big difference between the two!

ex.) 約束の時間を聞き間違えて、早く到着した。
  Yakusoku no jikan wo kikimachigaete, hayaku touchaku shita.
  I misheard the appointment time and arrived early.

まとめ – Summary –
  1. なにか おさがし ですか?- Are you looking for something?
  2. 〇〇%オフ – XX% off
  3. おかいどく – good deal
  4. これ、きてみてもいいですか? – Can I try this on?
  5. とてもよくにあいますね – it looks great on you.
  6. おだてじょうずですね – You flatter me!
  7. ききまちがえた – misheard