Pricing&Payment/ 料金

Private Lessons

Drop-in35 USD
5 lesson tickets (Valid for 3 months)165 USD (33 USD / lesson)
10 lesson tickets (Valid for 4 months)310 USD (31 USD / lesson)
20 lesson tickets (Valid for 8 months)600 USD (30 USD / lesson)
1 lesson=60 mins

Group lessons / Studying with your friends

Taking lessons with your friend(s). (Maximum 5 persons at a time)
* If you would like to take lessons with more than 5 persons,
please DM me through contact form.

Drop-in 60 USD
10 lesson tickets (Valid for 4 months)550 USD (55 USD / lesson)
20 lesson tickets (Valid for 8 months)1000 USD (50 USD / lesson)

If you take lessons with three of your friends and get 20 lesson tickets…(4 persons)
1000 USD ÷ 20 lessons ÷ 4 persons =12.5USD/person (1 lesson)!


We use PayPal for paying method.

For the drop-in ticket, you can make a payment when you schedule each class.
As for the package of tickets, please first send a message through the contact form,letting us know which ticket you would like to get.
We will then send you an invoice with the PayPal Payment Link.