Instructor / 講師

Hello everyone! My name is Natsuko.
Thank you for visiting ippo language learning.
I have experience of teaching Japanese language
in Canada(1 year), China(2 years), and Indonesia(3years).
I have also taught English language to Japanese high school students for 4 years.

Since I myself have experience of learning foreign languages and living abroad,
I understand how exciting it is to learn a new language
and at the same time how frustrating
when you can’t say what you want to say.
I would like to share those feelings with you,
and create fun & communicative lessons with you.

What does ippo mean?→please click here.

I have two master’s degrees in the field of language learning,
one at Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto,
a program of Japanese Language Education,
and the other from University of Manchester
in the field of Digital Technologies, Communication, and Education (TESOL pathway program).

The language education industry has become increasingly competitive in recent years
as many institutions try to make every effort to lower their lesson fee.
It’s easy to think that any native language speaker can teach the language.
That might be true if you’re only looking for a chatting partner.
However, I would like to offer high quality lessons
with a focus on the learning process based on SLA research.
As a professional, I will thoroughly support your learning.

Free Counseling and $10 Trial Lessons

To understand your learning objective, Japanese proficiency, and learning style,
I offer free counseling before actually starting lessons.
After the counseling I will share the lesson plan with you.
If you like it, please enjoy your trial lessons only for $20 (50min lesson × 2).
For the further information about the lesson & price, please click here.

ippo language learningを選んでいただきありがとうございます。


・英検1級/ TOEIC 930点